11 June 2014

A Hansa town

This card is from Riga, the capital of Latvia.

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The four churches, from left to right:
1. St. James's Cathedral (red tower, green top)
2. St. Peter's Church (beige, dark top)
3. St. Mary Magdalene's Church (white tower, gray top)
4. Riga Cathedral (reddish, with a dark dome)
The old town of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other side of the river you can see the TV tower, it's the tallest building in the European Union.

These two jolly figures wear (more or less) traditional costumes of Latvia:

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Cēsis Castle used to be the most important castle of the Livonian Order. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.
The second stamp shows the coat of arms of the town of Dobele.

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