25 February 2015

More beaches of the Adriatic Sea

postcard, albania
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This pretty beach is in Dhërmi, a village at the coast of Albania. Coincidentally, there is a picture on wikipedia that was shot from the exact opposite side of that rock in the middle: Link.

On the stamp you can see the Adriatic Sea and all the countries bordering it: Italy on the left, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece on the right.

forumi i qyteteve adriatik, shqipëria

04 February 2015


postcard, south korea, 63 building
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View over the Hangang River. In the background: 63 Building, once the tallest buildings in Asia.

postcard, south korea, seoul
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Namdaemun, also known as Sungnyemun, is one of the eight gates in the Seoul city wall. Unfortunately, it was set on fire in 2008, but reconstructed shortly after.

02 February 2015

More sheep!

postcard, kaldbak
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Picture taken near the village of Kaldbak.

The stamp depicts shepherds who see the Star of Bethlehem.

hirðarnir, shepherds, christmas star, bethlehem