09 September 2014

Talafofo Falls

postcard, guam, talafofo river
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Backside text:
Talofofo Falls, Guam's favorite waterfall, provides a refreshing swimming spot at the end of a one-hour hike up the banks of the Talofofo River.
It seems that the hike there is the fun part of the falls.

As you know, Guam uses US stamps, this one showing the Liberty Bell.

stamps, guam, usa

07 September 2014

National Museum of History

postcard, moldova, chișinău, capitoline wolf
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Here's the National Museum of History of Moldova (Muzeul Național de Istorie a Moldovei). The wolf statue in the small picture is one of five copies of the Capitoline Wolf in Rome that Italy gave to Romania during the 1920s.

The stamp shows a painting of the birth of Christ, also exhibited in the National Museum.

birth of christ

Séga Dance

postcard, mauritius, beach, danse du séga
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Sega music is very popular in Mauritius. Here's an example:

Glaciers and a golden statue

postcard, kyrgyzstan
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To be frank with you, I've got no clue who that guy is. Clearly he had a soft spot for gold and peculiar hats, but that's all I know for now. If you have more information, please enlighten me.

I think the stamp shows a yak, although it has got no horns. A female perhaps?


These stamps show the Tian Shan mountain ranges.
From left to right, from top to bottom:
1. Ak-Say Glacier
2. Kotur Glacier
3. Semenovsky Glavier at Khan Tengri mountain
4. Zvezdochka Glacier at Jengish Chokusu mountain
5. North Inyltschek Glacier
6. South Inyltschek Glacier, both also at Khan Tengri mountain

khan tengri, jengish chokusu, inyltschek, kotur, ak-say

A Mountain View

postcard, macedonia, mountain
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Behold the mighty mountains of Macedonia! The village that can be seen in the valley is called Velebrdo.

The stamp commemorates the 50th anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization.

world meteorological organization, 50 years

Rock-cut church

postcard, ethiopia, biete giyorgis, lalibela
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This is the Church of Saint George (Bete Giorigis), one of eleven monolithic churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. They're quite astonishing structures, all built below ground level and dating back to the 12th century. And they are a UNESCO world heritage site nowadays.

postcard, ethiopia, jugol
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This is one of the five Harar Gates, part of a city wall (the "Jugol") from the 16th century that was not destroyed until this very day.

Left: Debre Damo is a monastery and the earliest existing church building in Ethiopia and may only be visited by men. If that's no crazy enough for you, imagine that is can only accessed by making one's way hand over hand along a rope (see picture). It is unrecorded weather Abuna Aregawi, the founder of the monastery, was a keen mountaineer.
Right: Tragelaphus seriptus meneliki, the Menelik's Bushbuck.

menelik's bushbuck, debre damo, monastery, abuna aregawi

Free State of Fiume

postcard, croatia, fiume
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In this postcard, you can see the Port of Rijeka, in Croatia. it used to be part of the tiny Free State of Fiume (previous town name of Rijeka) that existed between 1920 and 1924. After World War I, it was a buffer state between Italy and Yugoslavia. During its short existence, the free state saw various different governments, but finally became part of Italy.

Međimurje County is a region in Croatia, sometimes called Hortus Croatiae, "the flower garden of Croatia". Thus the motive.

međimurje county, flower, garden

06 September 2014

Stone Chariot

india, postcard, vittala temple complex
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The stone chariot is part of the Vittala Temple Complex. It is in fact a shrine that looks like a chariot, and it used to be a bit taller, the top of the vehicle has been destroyed. Anyway, it's made from granite so you couldn't drive away with it - unless you have very, very strong horses.

These peculiar creatures are Lutrogale perspicillata, smooth-coated otters.

smooth-coated otters, lutrogale perspicillata

Big Rock Falls

postcard, belize
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Backside text:
"Belize, land of adventure. Big Rock Falls, hidden in the Pine Ridge mountains, yet accessible by a scenic walk."

Top: House of Culture Museum, Belize City. The finest colonial structure of the country, by architect Sir Christopher Wren, who also planned famous St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
Bottom: Nohoch Che'en, an archaeological reserve in Belize, consisting of a network of limestone caves.

nohoch che'en, archaeological reserve, limestone caves

05 September 2014

Beaches of Grenada

postcard, beach, grenada
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postcard, grenada, beach
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The beaches are most populated during tourist season which is in July/August because of the carnival, and in November/December, when it's winter.

postcard, grenada
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I'd love to know what kind of fruit he's cutting with his machete.

On the left: Seicercus montis, the yellow-breasted warbler. (what a cute name)
On the right: Justitia longmana, or Longarm Spiny Lobster. Couldn't find a wiki article for this, probably because I'm stupid.

yellow-breasted warbler, seicercus montis, longarm spiny lobster, justitia longmana

Yaks and Sandalwood

postcard, india, yaks, barley
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Yaks used to be my favorite animals back when I was a kid. Perhaps I just liked the letter "y", which occurs only rarely in the German language. Backside text:
"Life in Ladakh
Ladakh (Land of high mountain passes) is a region of india in the northern Jammu and Kashmir state that lies between the Kunlun mountain range in the north and the great Himalayas to the south. It is sometimes called "Little Tibet" as it has been strongly influence by Tibetan culture.
The people are self-sufficient, resilient and exceedingly content. The harsh encironment greatly limits what can be grown. Barley is the staple crop. Seen in the picture are yaks tied around a pole in series walking in circles to separate barley grains from the chaff."

The stamp smells slightly of Sandalwood. It also has an interesting texture.

sandalwood, smell, elephant, texture

The face of Uganda

uganda, postcard, people
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Naturally, not all people in Uganda are women and boys, but at least these few are. If some of you have more information on the clothing, I'll be glad to add it here.

The stamp shows the Harmandir Sahib, the Golden Temple of the Sikh religion, in Amritsar, India. It commemorates the Sikh centenary celebrations in Entebbe, Uganda.

stamp, uganda, golden temple, amritsar


postcard, czech republic, marienbad, mariánské lázně, health spa
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Mariánské Lázně (in German: Marienbad) is a spa town in the Czech Republic. The pictures show the health spa, particularly the main cast-iron colonnade.

The stamp honors Josef Bican, the famous Czech-Austrian football player. After World War II, he refused to play for Juventus Turin because he feared the Communists would come to power in Italy. Instead, he decided to stay in Czechoslovakia - how ironic!

stamp, austria, czech republic, football

04 September 2014

Steam locomotives

switzerland, postcard, lucerne
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Want to take a ride on the Seetal railway line? Better don't expect those classy steam locomotives, they use modern trains by now. And the timetable is 101 years old so you better don't rely on it.

The stamp is part of a series that commemorates the foundation of the Swiss Air Force. You can see a couple of F-5 fighter jets.  They're part of the Patrouille Suisse, an aerobatic team of the Air Force.

switzerland, stamp, helvetia, F-5, air force

03 September 2014

Old Medina

morocco, postcard, mosque
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The tower on the left is the Old Medina of Casablanca, quite popular among tourists. On the right you can see part of the structure that surrounds the tower and mosque and the gate that gives entrance to the buildings complex.

The King, Mohammed VI of Morocco.

stamp, king, morocco

1898 Map of Tomsk

postcard, russia, tomsk
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Plan for the city of Tomsk, 1898. The river on the left is called the Tom River, thus the name of the town.

More kremlins!
On the left: Astrakhan Kremlin
On the right: Ryazan Kremlin.

astrakhan kremlin, ryazan kremlin

Mediterranean Sea

postcard, israel, herzliya
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Here you can see the Israeli coastal town Netanya. In the background, further south, there's Herzliya, the next town. And even further behind would be Tel Aviv.

The stamp honors the Israeli Rescue Forces. Feel free to give me a translation of the stamp!

rescue forces, giving it their all

02 September 2014

Don't have a cow, man!

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Here are two national symbols of the Netherlands - cows for cheese and bicycles for transportation. The card is from - you guessed right - Utrecht.


postcard, south africa, township, johannesburg
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Soweto is a quarter of Johannesburg, South Africa, and an abbreviation for South Western Townships.

The stamps show typical beadwork, in this case photographed by Sasha Lipka.

beadwork, sascha lipka, sascha lipka

01 September 2014

Mosque in the Dark

postcard, morocco, casablanca
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A very cool night view of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco.

His Majesty, Mohammed VI of Morocco:

stamp, morocco

Carribean fauna

postcard, st vincent and the grenadines, amazona guildingii
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Another card from the Caribbean! It's the national bird of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the so-called Saint Vincent amazon or Saint Vincent parrot, Amazona guildingii.

On the left, you can see an American Shorthair cat and on the right an American purple gallinule. They lay give to ten of those eggs. And they sometimes eat eggs and young of other birds. Scandalous!

american shorthair cat, american purple gallinule


postcard, ireland, thoor ballylee, bunratty castle, blarney castle, ross castle
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Clockwise from top left: O'Briens Castle (Aran Islands), Thoor Ballylee (County Galways), Bunratty Castle (County Clare), Dublin Castle, Blarney Castle (County Cork) and Ross Castle (County Kerry).
(copied from the backside)

The stamp shows a Firework Anemone.

firework anemone, pachycerianthus multiplicatus