07 September 2014

Rock-cut church

postcard, ethiopia, biete giyorgis, lalibela
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This is the Church of Saint George (Bete Giorigis), one of eleven monolithic churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. They're quite astonishing structures, all built below ground level and dating back to the 12th century. And they are a UNESCO world heritage site nowadays.

postcard, ethiopia, jugol
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This is one of the five Harar Gates, part of a city wall (the "Jugol") from the 16th century that was not destroyed until this very day.

Left: Debre Damo is a monastery and the earliest existing church building in Ethiopia and may only be visited by men. If that's no crazy enough for you, imagine that is can only accessed by making one's way hand over hand along a rope (see picture). It is unrecorded weather Abuna Aregawi, the founder of the monastery, was a keen mountaineer.
Right: Tragelaphus seriptus meneliki, the Menelik's Bushbuck.

menelik's bushbuck, debre damo, monastery, abuna aregawi

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