27 April 2016

Sri Mariamman Temple

postcard, singapore, hindu
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This is an old picture of the Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple of Singapore. For all you crazy letter enthusiasts, this is the Tamil spelling: ஸ்ரீ மாரியம்மன் கோவில்.

These stamps commemorates 49 years of independence. Singapore gained independence from the UK in 1965 after a referendum, just like Scotland did 50 years later.

independence, stamps, referendum
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26 April 2016

Rooftops of Paris

postcard, rooftops, Haussmann
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Information regarding the location of the photographer are welcome.

Cool your beers and get exited for the 2016 UEFA European Championship - provided that you like football, otherwise there's still blowing soap bubbles or drinking tea for you. And why does the UK get to send three teams?

UEFA, championship, football, soccer, europe
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03 April 2016

Year of the Monkey

vietnam, postcard, cruising ships, sea
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This amazing place is Hạ Long Bay in North Vietnam. If you intend to propose to your girl, take her there to make it a surefire thing. Make sure not to bring other people there, as you'll get married either way.

On February 8th, 2016, the Year of the Monkey began, thus the stamp. There appears to be a pink one as well, if you happen to have it, send it to me on a postcard please.

stamp, vietnam, 10500, year of the monkey, zodiac
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30 March 2016

Old columns, old dances

postcard, greece, columns
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These are the ruins of once mighty Corinth, a city in Ancient Greece. There's also a new Corinth, but they've come up with new buildings and basically it's a lot less cool than the old one.

The stamps show Greek dances. In the top left corner it says Κοτσαρι Ποντιακος / Kotsari Pontiakos, which can also be found on youtube. I can't tell you much about the dresses but the colors remind me of the colorful papers in which confection used to be wrapped. Very pretty!

stamps, greece, hellas, kotsari pontiakos
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Maiden Tower

baku, Qız Qalası, Giz Galasi, postcard
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The Maiden Tower in Baku served to imprison all the naughty maidens that would not behave. Rumors say that it was once part of the city fortification, but that's highly debated among historians, so you better stick to the maiden story.

If you're into cute animals then these stamps are just the thing for you, but be aware that one of them is not an animal, but the commemoration of 130 years of telephone communication in Azerbaijan. I'm not gonna tell you which one though.

stamp, azerbaijan, cat, horse
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07 January 2016

Vast steppes

postcard, mongolia, ger, grass
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These are my first postcards from Mongolia. You can see the typical steppes and traditional housing, called yurt in English, but "ger" in Mongolian. To enable nomads to follow their herds to different grazing grounds, these tent-like buildings can be disassembled and reconstructed easily.

postcard, mongolia, ger, yurt, family
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The stamp shows a drop of water. I could link the wiki article but I you've probably heard of it before.

stamp, mongolia, water, liquid gold