21 June 2014


Let's get straight to the card:

postcard, fiji, corals, fish
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Copied from the backside: "The pristine waters of Fiji's coral islands are home to a wide variety of fish and coral species. These amazing sights are normally easily accessed through the local resort facilities or by booking one of the many local tours."

I just hope the tourists don't get intimidated by the angry-looking fella on the left.

Stamp shows Sicyopus zosterophorum, a local fish.

sicyopus zosterophorum, freshwater goby beli, fiji, stamp

Street life of Ghana

A typical market scene from Ghana. Unfortunately I do not know typical African fruit and vegetables, but I assume that in the top left corner you can see Yam.

ghana, market, postcard
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The stamp shows John Atta Mills, former president of Ghana, greeting U.S. President Barack Obama during the G8 summit in Camp David, in May 2012.

barack obama, john atta mills, stamp, ghana

Beach of Bali

This is a beautiful beach of Lombok, an island near Bali in Indonesia. And they have scary spider boats.

lombok, bali, indonesia, postcard
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The stamps commemorate Mohammad Natsir, former prime minister of Indonesia, and Sutomo, a national war hero.

stamps, indonesia, mohammad natsir, sutomo

Isle of Spice

This first card shows the inner harbour of St. George's, the capital city of Grenada. The picture was taken from a high point called the "Carenage".

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The cannons in this next postcard used to protect Fort George, which was built by the French in the 17th century to defend against the British and the Spanish.

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Stamp #1 shows the French anglefish. #2 depicts a Mourning cloak butterfly. The parrot in the third stamp is a blue-and-yellow macaw (yes, it's actually called so). The last stamp shows Oncidium Papilio, an orchid.

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Old Moscow

postcard, nikolskaya street, moscow, 1888
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This is a 1888 picture of Nikolskaya street, close to Red Sqaure.

I'm not 100% sure what the stamp shows but surely somebody is willed to help out?

UPDATE: It's the Ryazan Kremlin.

stamp, russia

18 June 2014

A touch of Olympia

Two postcards from Montréal, the biggest city of Québec.
postcard, canada, montréal, olympic stadium
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The Olympic Stadium was built for the 1976 Summer Olympics that Canada hosted. The tower can be accessed with a cute funicular, it has got an observation deck.

montréal, postcard, olympic stadium, notre-dame basilica, st. joseph's orator, old port
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Top row:
1. Olympic Stadium
2. Old Port of Montréal
3. View from Mount Royal
Middle row:
2. Notre-Dame Basilica
Bottom row:
2. More of the Old Port
3. Saint Joseph's Oratory

This stamp shows the Rideau Canal that uses several rivers and lakes to connect Ottawa River and Lake Ontario.

16 June 2014

God Save the Queen

It's all about Elizabeth II on this card.

elizabeth II, postcard, stamps, england, united kingdom
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I've labeled the card "England" so hopefully I'll be able to get a card from Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, too.

And here's a cute, smaller queen:

united kingom, queen, elizabeth II, stamp, england

13 June 2014

No Problem

 I'll skip the weed jokes, promise!

jamaica, postcard, beach
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Who would associate this beach with problems in the first place? The slogan seems redundant.

The stamp honors the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

stamp, jamaica, royal schools of music, centenary

¡Dios mío!

I'm sure you'll enjoy this postcard of Málaga Cathedral.

church, cathedral, málaga, postcard
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It took some 250 years to build this massive church, which is why elements of various architectural styles (Gothic, Baroque) mix, making this building absolutely unique. One tower remains unfinished, which is why it's sometimes called the "little one-armed".

Sanam Chandra Palace

From Thailand.

thailand, palace, postcard
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The architecture of Sanam Chandra Palace is a mix of various styles. It was erected in the early 20th century for King Rama IV.

postcard, organic, home, thailand
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Sit an sip morning coffee
Birds singing, flowers falling
Seem today the best.
Very mysterious.

Numerous stamps this time. The first one depicts Hong Island, google it if you want to be amazed! The second one is about the Year of the Horse, which will last until 18. February 2015. I can't tell you the name of the flower unfortunately (please help me out with that), but it's got some glitter on it that cannot be seen on the scan. Very shiny! The last one reads "Luang Pu Iam", evidently a monk at Wat Nang Ratchaworawiharn monastery.

year of the horse, stamp, hong island, luang pu iam, flower
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flower, stamp, thailand

12 June 2014

The sunny side of Montenegro

Perhaps I should have gone there earlier, I had never imagined it to be a "sunny, touristy" place.

postcard, montenegro, ulcinj, beach, copacabana
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You can find this lovely spot in Ulcinj, a romantic little town in the very south of Montenegro. Some call this beach the "Copacabana in Ulcinj", and they do not exaggerate.

The stamp shows the Ikona Bogorodice Filermose, a painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, if I'm not mistaken.

stamp, montenegro, crna gora, ikona bogorodice filermose, mary

More beaches, you say?

How about Hawaii for a change?

beach, hawaii, USA, postcard, kailua, mokulua, island
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I'm a lazy person so here's the backside:

"Kailua Beach and the Mokulua Islands
The beautiful white sand beaches, ocean colors and reef, are captured in this aerial view of Oahu's east coastline."
Trivia: This is actually the first postcard that I've received. Needless to say that it motivated me to collect more.

The flower in the stamp is marigold.

stamp, USA, calendula, marigold

11 June 2014

Malolotja Nature Reserve

swaziland, postcard, nature, mountains
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The Malolotja Nature Reserve can be found in In Swaziland, a small but lovely country in South Africa with a population comparable to that of Hawaii or Maine.

King Mswati III. is on all stamps. The first two show Red Forst Charaxes, a butterfly. The second one shows the Fever Tree, Acacia xanthophloea.

red forest charaxes, stamps, swaziland, fever tree, acacia xanthophloea

A Hansa town

This card is from Riga, the capital of Latvia.

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The four churches, from left to right:
1. St. James's Cathedral (red tower, green top)
2. St. Peter's Church (beige, dark top)
3. St. Mary Magdalene's Church (white tower, gray top)
4. Riga Cathedral (reddish, with a dark dome)
The old town of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other side of the river you can see the TV tower, it's the tallest building in the European Union.

These two jolly figures wear (more or less) traditional costumes of Latvia:

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Cēsis Castle used to be the most important castle of the Livonian Order. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.
The second stamp shows the coat of arms of the town of Dobele.

Native tribes of Ghana

It's like the mat hatter went to the wrong fantasy place.

postcard, ghana, manya, yilo krobo, accra, natives, tribes
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From the backside:
"Dipo -Bebam Puberty Rites-
Dipo is celebrated in April by the people of Manya and Yilo Krobo in the towns of Krobo Odumase, omanya and Shai Hills from Accra."

The stamp is dedicated to former (2009-2012) president John Atta Mills and his family. He died in office.

stamp, ghana, john atta mills

A card of cork

This is a card from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

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1. Belém Tower, a fortified tower to protect the harbor and UNESCO World Heritage Site
2. Jerónimos Monastery, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site
3. Rossio Square, featuring the statue of Pedro IV, king of Portugal (the small white thing in the middle)
4. São Jorge Castle, a famous... castle. I could tell you lots of interesting things about it, but I won't, cause you're just lazy and there's a wikipedia article anyway.

The background of the card looks like cork, a material gained from the bark of the cork oak. Ever opened a bottle of wine? Cork, baby! Not to be confused with the town in Ireland.

The stamp shows Eusébio, a famous Portuguese football (Americans: read "soccer") player who died earlier this year. Portugal scored third place with him in the FIFA world cup of 1966 - that's the one in which England defeated Germany in the finals. Englishmen remember and honor this date, Germans tend to forget that they've participated at all.

Amitiés de Dakar

Une carte postale du Sénégal, pas mal!

dakar, senegal, postcard, carte postale, champagne
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In the bottom right corner, you can see the Dakar Grand Mosque. The top left corner shows the presidential palace, and the parliament building can be found in the middle, between the champagne glasses. Santé!

The stamp shows Saba senegalensis, a fruit that can be found in the Sahel region.

stamp, senegal, mad, saba sénégalensis

Oh là là

Une carte postale de France!

france, postcard, oloron sainte marie
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It's from the Oloron-Sainte-Marie. The church in field #2 is Oloron Cathedral, erected between the 12th and 14th century. The river in the top right corner is called Gave d'Oloron, and it almost has a touch of Amsterdam.

The stamp is from the National Musical Instruments series, representing a harp.

national musical instruments, stamp, france, harp

More paradise!

island, beach, sri lanka, ocean, postcard
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Sri Lanka, also known as "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". The picture explains pretty well why that is.

Tropical Paradise

First card from the Caribbean.

barbados, beach, atlantic ocean, caribbean
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Barbados is among the 20 smallest countries of the world. If it wasn't, everybody would move there I'm sure. Just look at that fantastic beach!

Not to forget the pretty stamps.

stamps, cave, barbados, beach

10 June 2014

Postcard from Banjul

The capital city of The Gambia, a country named after a river. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the odd shape.

arch 22, banjul, gambia, market, postcard
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In the center you can see Arch 22. There are similar arches in other countries, like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Currently, the gate is closed to traffic due to safety concerns.
In the top left corner, you can see a ferry. They are required as the city is almost entirely surrounded by water.

Gampost stamp:

gampost, post, gambia, stamp

Machu Picchu

What would Peru be without its most famous landmark, the ruins of Machu Picchu?

machu picchu, peru, postcard, inca, ruins
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Unfortunately the ruins take damage every year, mostly due to excessive tourism.
The next postcard is from Lima, it shows the Cathedral of Lima, located in Plaza Mayor.
cathedral, lima, postcard, pizarro
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Trivia: Infamous Francisco Pizarro is buried there.

Thank you very much for the cards, C.

Straight from heaven

postcard, san salvador, cathedral
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This one is a picture of San Salvador Cathedral, built in the 1960s in San Salvador (who would have thought!), the capital of El Salvador.
The statue in the foreground is much older (1650) and shows Isabella of Spain.

The stamps commemorate the 90th anniversary of the new postal service of El Salvador.

Three sides of Varna

From top to bottom:
Seaside (google maps link to the pirate boat)
Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre
Asparuhov Bridge

horse, stamp, Bulgaria

If somebody can help me with a translation for the blue stamp, that would be appreciated.