11 June 2014

A card of cork

This is a card from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

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1. Belém Tower, a fortified tower to protect the harbor and UNESCO World Heritage Site
2. Jerónimos Monastery, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site
3. Rossio Square, featuring the statue of Pedro IV, king of Portugal (the small white thing in the middle)
4. São Jorge Castle, a famous... castle. I could tell you lots of interesting things about it, but I won't, cause you're just lazy and there's a wikipedia article anyway.

The background of the card looks like cork, a material gained from the bark of the cork oak. Ever opened a bottle of wine? Cork, baby! Not to be confused with the town in Ireland.

The stamp shows Eusébio, a famous Portuguese football (Americans: read "soccer") player who died earlier this year. Portugal scored third place with him in the FIFA world cup of 1966 - that's the one in which England defeated Germany in the finals. Englishmen remember and honor this date, Germans tend to forget that they've participated at all.

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